Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Sana Dalawa ang Puso 21 August 2018

Sana Dalawa ang Puso 21 August 2018 Full Episode. Sana Dalawa ang Puso - Just a thought, WHAT IF c Juancho father cya ni Leo (had a relationship with his Mom) and Lisa, nadampot lang cya ni Juancho katulad ni Mona nina Pangs and Mangs. Remember Lisa can't find any pictures of her when she's younger, the reason Juancho gave her is that iniwan cla ng Mom nya - too far off but a possibility.When will you stop giving your service for free. It defeats the purpose of paying for premium service when I cannot watch what I want because too many free subscribers are competing with me. Maybe, I can blog and tell others to give up their paid subscriptions and watch for free instead.uancho is a mystery to me.!..He claimed he loves his daughter..yet he has plans to separate Lisa from Leo whom she loves. He would be hated by Lisa, instead !.There's more reason why he's so into Leo.his one time staring at Leo's mom has meaning in this story!!Plotting for revenge?.And who was that mystery guy watching Lisa from afar? OMG.Lisa got back to back problems.My gosh, Mona and Lisa may really have blood relationship.( guess na naman )trouble seems to follow them whenever they go !Our story seems to have short term happiness. Next week, there is going to be some revelation that is going to ruin Mona’s happiness. And on Liza’s world, Juancho is starting his plan to steal Liza from Leo. He is going to take advantage of the chaos happening with Leo’s sisters to distract Leo and take Liza. Meanwhile, martin has some real explaining to do not only to Mona but to Mamila, Mangs and Pangs. Sorry but the dark cloud is still looming over the not so perfect “forever” world of desserts.!Source From Wikipedia.

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