Thursday, August 16, 2018

The Blood Sisters 16 August 2018
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The Blood Sisters 16 August 2018 Full Episode. What an extreme thriller in coming episodes! Waiting for the three sisters to be completely in good terms with each other, and all the bad guys get the justice they deserve. Well played and bone chilling as the show progresses, threelling finale at it's best! Grabe ang galing mo erich (agatha, erica, carrie) superb! I'm sorry I'm not sure if you're really good I think you do not really love me because I'm feeling really angry and I'm just in the mood so I love this TBS!.I agree with you.Adele here is sooo stupid.Even though she's got her suspicions on Agatha, she's still telling Agatha everything.She should die and let Debbie be the mother of Carrie and Erika.Agatha should be punished by rotting in jail or die .She is as bad as Rocco, and the father & son.Three more weeks ??? So many unanswered questions. Eg. What about Andreas and her mother, I thought they were planning to steal the wealth of the Bermudezes? They kinda made a big deal about it and left it there.This stupid story ends in three weeks. What could have been a good teleserye turned out a dud. Poor acting, bad editing, and just plain stupid scenarios.ABS CBN you've been producing bad shows of late.Buti nlang and three weeks already. I'm so excited. We do not have the fools. Adel is really protecting his maldita child because he can save his rocco. I'm also in disguise in the round of the story. That's what your writer will do. The NBI is surrounded by Rocco and Rocco can bar them back after they have escaped. Adele is also an accomplice of the syndicate kc sya tip to Agatha what updates the investigation. That's impossible. So 1 star is just .. the rest of the system..say is the director of the daytime night night. No more times and impossible things to happen . Wikipedia/The_Blood_Sisters. 

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