Sunday, October 28, 2018

Kabuhayang Swak na Swak 28 October 2018

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Kabuhayang Swak na Swak 28 October 2018 Full Episode - The missing box will provide Red with sure to Nica, then Nica will take her home to El Paraiso and Nica's mother and father will see, and they see the box that was previously when Mitch's father and daughter were trapped Ana Vida said the boat was said to have been given by De Auror's owner Cora because he knew that the matter was important from Don Federico Sr. Cora also knew that Tanya and Red were not true De Alegre because he heard the dispute of Don Federico Sr and Celestina after DNA tests performed by Don Federico with Celestina's "children". The big question is Who is so Amanda's wife saved her.Omg! Awesome! 2 pts si Adrian, 0 si David hehe pero galing ng role nya he has it's own character and originality not a typical 3rd party hehe. I'm excited tomorrow grrrr !! Adrian and Mitch have so much love for each other. I can not wait to find out about Amanda's past.Si Harriet and Amanda are one Harriet kc survived after he was destroyed by Celestina while still alive by Adrian before falling into the cliff. Adrian also discovered a fall in the cliff. Harriet mean they mean that they're going to get rid of it but they might have fallen into the sea with Harriet on the beach but Harriet was on the beach but on the other side, he caught sight of Lucas so Amanda said he did not want to get out of the sea Luke kc might return to his traumatic memory. Like the dreams of Mich noon. Perhaps Harriet was also brought to Spain to forget. They are as Adrian as amnesia as they fall. Partial only to Adrian and long term ata with Harriet aka Amanda. Maybe her memory returns when they return home to the lighthouse.Wikipedia/Araw_Gabi.  

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