Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Halik 07 November 2018

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Halik 07 November 2018 Full Episode. Halik - I have a feeling that Mauro really is Jackie's daughter. Aside from the letter that Jackie found when she was a kid, there were no other scenes showing that Loida's son proved Jackie to her fiancee. I get it she cheated but what if they inassume they're a child outside Jackie? I can not wait to find out.Wow, Echo ... time and time again, you always deliver a stellar performance. You should get an award, you are so natural. And I must admit, Yam you are so good at making people hate you more . you degrade women. You are now "Happiness", you have the strength to boast! I know, its just a role but I have to give you credit you are so bad I still hope though that Lino and Jacky will have their "sweet revenge". I also would like to see Yen Santos show her great acting! Can not wait for next week. Thank you casts and crew. I love this show! Lino's nice answer to Jade, Look for the annulment not to Lino but where? That's Jade, While Ace's no annulment is yours! On Monday again the exciting episode of this series, But Jacky, why is that your hair? Kabin Jade is not in the hair. And it does not give Lino the annulment so that the jade penalty is forever, you are still jade .because you're just ashamed of Monday because you're also wearing jacky money, jacky is all the money of ace part. Huhuhuhu kakawa jade yan ang iyong pala.Source from Wikipedia/24 Oras.  

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