Thursday, November 8, 2018

Kadenang Ginto 08 November 2018

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Kadenang Ginto 08 November 2018 2018 Full Episode - very unrealistic on the party event, the uncle told her friends to go home together and yet they all left her alone.Just weird that the game guy friend who convinced Cassie to go to the party let her get drunk, while the 2 other friends also just watched her. And in the end leaving her alone to go home. I had seen the future showbiz shining stars. Fracine, Andrea and Kyle. These teens are proving their uncomparable charm and talent. I cannot think of another heartthrob to complete the kilig side of the story than Kyle. I hope these teens be recognized by award giving bodies and institutions. Disadvantage of a child who does not follow If the child buys a mother knows the best intuition of a parent but if the child insists on the need Well face the consequences of the head apart If you see a friend no reason why allow to entertain that person ignore and be away from that person.This is not a good example for the youth. Even if I know that I know that in a drama, there is always a conflict, an antagonist and protagonist, but I am not in favor of showing kids who are cheats. Come to think for the fact that Marga and her friends go to the "best" school in the country...the Maxwell...why is it that bad deeds are tolerated or portrayed? For me, this is one of the best tv series. Hindi naman lahat dapat teleserye puro masaya. Sa totoong buhay mas maraming mga nakakaranas ng pang aapi. Bullying is not only between the poor and the rich but even among rich people. That is why, I still like the story..Wikipedia/Kadenang Ginto.  

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