Thursday, November 8, 2018

Los Bastardos 08 November 2018

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Los Bastardos 08 November 2018 Full Episode - Soledad, my guess is not dead yet, because they did not dig the ground because it was very dangerous, so it is possible that Soledad was saved by another car passing by the distance of his ring on the toy car .. the toy car in the crumbling ground really, but the ring on the side of the road ... the ring might have dropped Soledad into the car. The Soledad's ring was able to impose on the child, then put the child in the car of the spouses who raised Isagani, that Isagani always held her to meet her parents.The least is the most lucrative, the most important is that the target is 2..whahhaha, the soledad is still alive, the thing is helda colonel, the life of the body is still alive. It's not a thing, rich role of Lito Pemitel .. in her difficulty to play role in a jeep or peasant driver like doing wine. Source from Wikipedia/Los Bastardos.  

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